Ronaldo : Belajar Berbahasa Inggris Memperkenalkan Diri

Rate this post Mari kita belajar dalam Bahasa Inggris ( English Language ). Kenapa kita harus berbahasa inggris karena bahasa inggris ini adalah bahasa yang di jadikan sebagai bahasa kesatuan Internasional. Untuk mampu bersaing dengan negara lain maka perlu belajar bahasa inggris. Bahasa inggris ini adalah bahasa yang sering di butuhkan dalam dunia kerja. Contoh yang perlu yang paling mudah adalah nama nama mesin yang sering menggunakan bahasa inggris khususnya mesin alat berat. Dan perlu juga mengetahui bahwa perusahaan perusahaan yang ada di Indonesia kebanyakan dari luar ( Perusahaan asing ) tentu untuk dapat berkomunikasi dengan baik dengan perusahaan asing adalah harus dapat berbicara dalam bahasa inggris. Berikut ini berbagai pelajaran dalam bahasa inggris untuk keseharian anda.

Memperkenalkan diri dalam Bahasa Inggris ( English )

Good Afternoon friends. Let me Introduce my selft. My name si Ronaldo Sipayung. I live on Jalan Kartini Number 95 Lubuk Pakam. My hobby is writing and reading books about new things. And i graduated from the Teknologi Institut Teknologi Medan. I never liked english lessons. But but development of technology forced me to be able to speak in english. I only use google translate to write on my blog. Right or wrong writing i don’t know, the important thing is i’m happy in my writing. i hope someone can give an assesment of my writing so that i can improve it. Maybe for me learning english is not fun, but i will tell you my daily life on this blog in english. And i also hope that friends from indonesia and friends in other countries can give an opinion on this site. So get a better discussion here

I will tell you a little about our country in indonesia there are various religions with the garuda symbol. We hove friends from other countries travel to our area. We have good and friendly tourist attractions, such as bali and Lake Toba.  I think again whether this writing can be easily undertood by friends. Therefore criticim from friends, i really hope. How do i easily understand in english. I am 25 years old, making me feel ashamed if i cannot understand english. i cannot explain more concisely in english. Hopefully in the future i will be able to better understand more english. According to me, lack iof understanding of a child with a material is the result of the length of time that material was introduced to the chil. That is what i experienced so it does not cause couriosity.

Indonesia Bisa

Indonesia is develoved country. 1i am proud of our country. We are president, Mr H.Jokowidodo, who is currently to learn a lot from other countries such as japan, China and America. Our country is  is from many industrial sector of this product. Example are motorcycles from japan, cellphones and many other equipment from China dan America. Hopefully in the future we can compete with that countri and indonesia Can. 

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